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TOTAL FLOW PRODUCTS is unique in offering this free* cylinder head and intake manifold inspection service. Whatever the brand, whether new or used, aluminum or cast iron, for restoration, street performance, occasional racing or racing only, the cost is the same: FREE*

Why have your cylinder heads and intake manifold inspected? You may want to know if the used heads you just bought are good enough for continued use, are suitable for modifying, or have all the features the seller advertised. You might just want to know if the "RACE READY" heads you just purchased are indeed "RACE READY", and will increase the performance of your engine combination. OR, you may suspect a problem, but haven't been able to diagnose it on the engine. In any case, our free* inspection service is perfect for any of these circumstances.

Our free* inspection service.  We will inspect the heads and intake manifold and give you a straight-forward honest evaluation of their condition and our recommendation of the service they need, if any at all.

 1. Visually inspect the head and components for obvious and hidden problems.
 2. Remove one intake and one exhaust valve, visually check the valve job and blend.
 3. Check the fit of the valve spring, cup, retainers and locks and their relationship to the      valve. Poor matching of these parts is the main problem with assembled heads.
 4. Check both valve guides for clearance, dimensions and straightness.
 5. Lightly lap both valve seats to determine their relationship to the valves.
 6. Measure both ports to determine if key shapes and sizes are correct size for your            application and use.
​ 7. Call and report our findings and recommendations.

*NOTE:  The Total Flow Products inspection and evaluation process is free.  You are responsible for all shipping charges to and from Total Flow Products. Parts may be hand delivered, by appointment only, and the inspection can be done while you wait.  All parts must be clean and dry. If parts are not clean enough to properly inspect, a cleaning fee will be charged.

Please DO NOT send questions about this offer via U.S. Mail or e-mail. Instead, call Steve Sanchez directly at 248-588-4490.