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No other engine in the world matches the ability of a supercharged, Nitro Methane burning Top Fuel engine to destroy parts!

One misfire can instantly turn a billet aluminum cylinder head into a very expensive jigsaw puzzle.  After picking up cylinder head pieces from the track, nitro race teams know just what to do: The send the pieces to TOTAL FLOW PRODUCTS for repair!

Top race teams have been trusting their repairs to TOTAL FLOW PRODUCTS for

decades. They know that damaged aluminum heads will come back in

LIKE-NEW condition. Teams also know that aluminum cylinder heads are not always

repairable and that repairs can cost more than a new cylinder head. In either case,

TOTAL FLOW PRODUCTS is trusted to tell them immediately.

TOTAL FLOW PRODUCTS has recently improved customer service by installing new welding equipment. Welding repairs are now done IN-HOUSE. Cylinder heads repairs now take less time and we have complete control throughout the repair process, thus improving our already excellent quality. Additional new equipment will expand our capabilities even more.

Depending on the damage, cast iron cylinder heads repairs MAY be repairable.

TOTAL FLOW PRODUCTS understands the desire to save an original muscle

car head or a "last-of-its-kind" stock head. Cracks, sunken valves seats, stripped

spark plug threads, battered combustion chambers, worn valve guides and

poor porting are common repairs.  TOTAL FLOW PRODUCTS also has the

knowledge to recommend alternate heads, to keep the car running. Either way,

the odds are very good that your car will be back in the race or show winners circle.

Send your ailing cast iron heads, billet aluminum heads, rare factory-original

heads, etc. to TOTAL FLOW PRODUCTS. You too can trust us for a straight answer

on possible repairs.