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Total Flow Products is one of the most diverse cylinder head facilities in the industry.  Whether it’s repairing or preparing heads for the next race, rescuing original equipment antique, classic or muscle car heads or creating all-out, leading-edge technology CNC-machined billet race heads, Total Flow Products craftsmen can do it.

Our unmatched experience and skill are the result of specializing in cylinder head porting, repair, research and development and manufacturing for over 30 years.  Total Flow Products parts and services have helped grass roots and professional racers win championships in drag, oval, rally, road, marine and tractor pulling motorsports.  Major vehicle manufacturers have utilized Total Flow Product’s research and development expertise for production engine projects, high performance variants and even their own race programs.

Experience has taught Total Flow Products how to determine your “wants,” then balance them against “needs” and “costs.”  The result is a repair, modification, design or engine package that will meet, or even exceed, your goals - and all at a fair price for the value.

Explore our Services, Products, Porting Packages and Tech Talk pages.  See how Total Flow Products can repair your “last of its kind” classic car head.  Read about Total Flow Product’s ability to upgrade the port performance of your “off the shelf” race head.  Learn why racers regularly ship their heads to Total Flow Products for service and preparation.  Determine what kind of billet head TFP can carve for you.

If the web site doesn’t answer your questions, or if the site creates a question, call Steve Sanchez at 248-588-4490.

And, to emphasize Total Flow Product’s pride and confidence in our services, you’re invited to send your cylinder heads and manifold in for an  evaluation*.  We’ll analyze the parts, review what you want done and report back.  We’ll then gladly perform the work or return the parts to be worked on elsewhere.  You are never obligated to have Total Flow Products perform recommended services.  Call** Steve for details on this offer.


    * All shipping costs paid by customer.
    ** Due to the almost infinite variables in components, applications and goals, please contact Steve by phone.  DO NOT send questions about this offer via U.S. Mail or e-mail.